Hold Negligent Tire Shops Accountable When Used Tires Cause an Accident

When used tires fail and cause an accident, the tire shop that sold the tires may be liable (on negligence grounds). Old tires with used tread can cause vehicles to lose traction, prevent vehicles from turning safely and may even increase the risk of skids or hydroplaning.

Worse, a tire may be entirely damaged or defective. Driving with completely damaged or defective tires can lead to a range of dangerous outcomes, including, but not limited to:

  • Tread separations
  • Belt separations
  • Rollovers
  • Blowouts

Causes of Defective Used Tire Accidents

When a defective used tire causes an accident, it is important to recognize the cause of the accident. Common reasons why used tires become defective and cause accidents include:

  • Old tires that are deceptively sold as new tires
  • Manufacturer error
  • Improper storage conditions
  • Auto repair shops that negligently repair an old tire
  • Shallow treads
  • Tire placement
  • Tire tears/cracks

Why Defective Used Tires Cause Accidents

As tires age, there are a number of issues that can arise and pose significant danger on the road. That said, a worn out and flat tread is perhaps the most regularly occurring used tire defect. When a used tire’s tread becomes flat, the tire loses traction. The lost traction reduces a vehicle’s ability to turn or come to a stop safely, significantly increasing the odds of an accident.

Blowouts are another used tire accident risk that can lead to devastating harm. These dangerous tire failures can happen in an instant, leading to a loss of control. The primary difference between blowouts and flat tread accidents is that blowouts can lead to added tire debris on the road, which enhances the risk of a chain reaction accident. Blowouts can be traced to a tire shop if the used tire was underinflated at the time of purchase.

Whether your accident was caused by flat tread, blowout, or any other kind of tread separation, you need to determine whether the accident was caused by a tire shop’s negligence.

Tire Shop Negligence

Tire shops are required to adhere to various industry standards that outline whether a tire is worthy of being on the road. Part of this analysis requires determining a tire’s potential for tread separation and similar tire dangers. If a tire shop ignores these standards or engages in questionable business practices, a lawsuit against the tire shop may be warranted.

One of the more common unscrupulous tire shop practices occurs when old tires are sold as new tires that have never been used. Similarly, if a tire’s real age is not disclosed, the shop could be sued for such business practices. Since faulty tires create significant accident risks, shops that fail to disclose the proper age and/or status of a tire should be held accountable.

Common practices of a tire shop that negligently sells used tires includes:

  • Selling used tires that are in the process of a recall
  • Conducting inadequate repairs on used tires
  • Falsely labeling used tires as new
  • Storing used tiresĀ in an overheated warehouse
  • Failing to warn customers that they have purchased a tire that may be in faulty or bad condition
  • Repairing used tires that are too old to repair or fix in a safe manner
  • Selling used tires with visible defects, such as tears

If you or a loved one were in an accident caused by faulty tires, you may be able to sue a tire shop that provided the faulty tire. The best legal strategy for pursuing justice and possible compensation will depend on the facts and circumstances of the faulty tire accident. Click here for a free consultation.