Tire Bead Failure Lawyers

Driving with defective tires can lead to car accidents and serious injuries. In many instances, the defect goes undetected until the tire fails and tragedy strikes. Tire bead failures are a common cause of accidents, especially on retreaded tires. Below is an overview of personal injury law and how it relates to tire bead failures.

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Causes of Tire Bead Failure

The tire bead is responsible for keeping air from escaping. It sits against the rim and is comprised of wires that run through the tire edges. If any part of the tire bead is weak, it can snap under the pressure and lead to an accident. Some of the most common tire problems are caused by:

  • Poor Manufacturing
  • Improper Tire Construction
  • Insufficient Quality Control
  • Poor Tire Design
  • Tire Bead Failure
  • Tire Debeading

Types of Accidents Caused by Tire Failure

When tire bead failure occurs, the tire will not hold the proper amount of air and cannot maintain air pressure. This can lead to a blowout and the loss of control of the vehicle causing a rollover, head on collision, or other devastating accident.

Preventing Tire-Related Accidents

There are some steps you can take to prevent tire-related accidents such as:

  • Inspect Tires Routinely
  • Check and Maintain Tire Air Pressure
  • Avoid Driving Over Debris or Other Road Hazards
  • Watch for Manufacturer Recalls

These are just a few ways to be sure your tires are fit for the road. However, accidents can happen due to tire defects suddenly and without warning no matter how diligent the driver is.

How A Tire Bead Failure Lawyer Can Help

If you were injured due to a tire bead failure or other defective tire accident, contact a tire injury attorney for help. During a consultation, an attorney from Zinda Law Group will examine your case and advise you how to best move forward with your claim against the manufacturer or company who sold you the defective tires. The consultation is free and you will pay nothing unless your attorney wins your case and you obtain a settlement*.

Hiring experienced tire bead failure lawyers can potentially help ease the confusion and stress involved in personal injury cases so call 800-863-5312 to get help today.

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